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Property Offering

CFund Goal is looking for a limited number top quality project partners to become CFund Goal APPROVED ISSUERS, who are willing to partner with the CFund Goal group to create a pipeline of projects in the $5million-$20million range that CFund Goal can present via the platform to their database of Global Accredited Investors.

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Expectation of Project Partner

  • Source and screen real estate projects that meet CFund Goal’s project criteria
  • Provide a project pipeline of between 5 and 10 projects over the next 12 month period
  • Project due diligence must have been completed or be close to completion
  • Prepared to input project details in the CFund Goal format for Due Diligence confirmation

Partner Details:

First Name *
Last Name *
Name of the Business *
Address *
State *
Zip *
Contact Person *
Capacity (Projects per Year) *
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References 3 Clients and a Bank Reference *

I confirm my company meets the selection criteria and agree to submit the information required in Criteria for Partner Selection to the best of my ability. I acknowledge that CFund Goal will review the application at its sole discretion and this application does not in any way form an agreement or a commitment


Criteria for Partner Selection

Ref Criteria Requirement
1 In business for more than 5 year +
2 Size of company People directly employed
3 Successful past projects 10 projects +
4 Types of projects – specialisation Residential, development, industrial, medical, retail, commercial, office, mixed use etc. If other, please describe.
5 Project Results How much money did the project make? Did you beat the proforma projections? IRR of project.
6 Size of company Value – $5million+
7 Minimum size of project No material or open cases
8 Company Litigation USA, all major centers
9 Proof of location Sponsor role, management, building maintenance, financing etc.
10 Other skillsets and capabilities Project / management capabilities
11 Core competencies of company/group Internal analysis vs external
12 Due diligence and feasability studies What makes you stand out and deliver?
13 Company features that are unique in the market What makes your project stand out?