Our History

The company was founded by world-renowned global property investors and success helping global investors migrate their capital to more stable markets through their investment firm, International Property Solutions (IPS). As IPS thrived, helping hundreds of investors invest in markets across the UK, U.S., Australia and Africa, the IPS team strove to build new technology solutions that would allow them to help investors connect with high-quality, vetted real estate opportunities from around the globe.

An early adopter of technology, CFund Goal saw crowdfunding as the solution to the international property investor’s dilemma of safely and securely sourcing international real estate opportunities in a compliant manner.

Since launching in 2016, CFund Goal has formed a team of leading real estate investment experts from Hong Kong , China, the UK, the U.S., Singapore and Australia. Their team of over two dozen has extensive experience building companies and brands around the globe. They have more than 220 years of combined experience investing in and managing more than 2700 investments on five continents. The CFund Goal team additionally partners with best-in-class developers and real estate investment companies, giving them access to premier real estate opportunities with experienced, on-the-ground partners. This experience allows them to see challenges and opportunities unapparent to many, saving investors valuable time and money in the process.

CFund Goal reinvents a previously opaque process through cutting-edge technology combined with extensive due diligence through their GIDDS due diligence system and on-the- ground expertise. This allows them to achieve efficiencies of scale and increased transparency that often lead to overall accelerated returns for their investors.