We are striving to build a trusted, simple, and transparent marketplace for investors all over the world, of all investment experience levels and of all financial caliber.


Expanding user base through strong international presence, variety of interactive events, and existing users’ word-of-mouth advertising

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Established and constantly expanding relationship network with world-class real estate players to source investment opportunities of the highest quality

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Investors & Members

  • Investments start at USD10,000 only
  • Leverage on our partners’ expertise
  • Dedicated education portal for existing and future investors
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Global Presence

  • 9 offices over 5 continents
  • Focusing on USA, UK, Australia and Africa
  • Investment Committee invested USD1.34bn in more than 10,800 properties to date
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Risk Control

  • Geographic diversity reducing systematic risk
  • Onsite due diligence for each property
  • Only invest in unique properties
  • Monthly updates
  • Automated ‘bad actor’ and security checks
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Stable Return

  • 13% + rate of return
  • Invest based on income-based returns
  • Investors see returns first
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Stable short and long term income

Predictable, step-by-step approach means we have had 100% closure rate.

our methogolgy

1Our SMART TM System scores a deal
2Pre-sale via ‘inner circle’ subscription based on SMART TM (Safe Managed Asset Risk Technology) scores
3Deal goes online
4Registered user access
5Deal done