How does CFund Goal help fix this?

CFund Goal provides end-to-end solutions with complete transparency. With the use of IT and a thorough investor communication plan, we provide greater transparency. Like birds flying in formation, CFund Goal aims to provide greater returns than direct investment, due to a balanced portfolio and an ideal spread of properties and risk. Because time is critical to a sound real estate investment, sound partnerships are pivotal.

Founded in 2010 by renowned global real estate investors Scott Picken, Brendon Brown and Hennie Bezuidenhoudt, CFund Goal is the leading global real estate investment marketplace.

Through our online portal, we give investors direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities in premier markets around the world. CFund Goal participates in every deal alongside our investors, ensuring their security and peace of mind are held in the highest regard.

In order to understand what CFund Goal does, it helps to know what real estate crowdfunding is and how it’s helping change the real estate industry. Real estate crowdfunding platforms allows investors (as permitted under each country’s securities laws), to invest in real estate worldwide.

Through online portals, investors are able to choose which properties to invest in, allowing them to pool money together to purchase – or directly own – a portion of a property. CFund Goal investors can use our online portal to access prime global real estate investments, view details of the investment opportunities (including due diligence files) and sign legal documents to participate in these investments.

There will always be attractive investment returns locally. However, diversifying your portfolio by investing some wealth in other economies is a prudent move that will give you a currency hedge, safety, sustainability, wealth preservation and access to higher-quality investments.

Many people wrongfully assume that the returns are the same between direct investment and investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts(REITs). When comparing apples with apples, it becomes clear that the share price of the REIT is not directly proportional to asset value. It is more like traditional stock market investing.

CFund Goal offers direct property investment, where investors are not susceptible to the market shock of sentiment as share prices fluctuate. REIT’s are typically very large entities, which put them in a position where they can rarely participate in many of the smaller investments real estate crowdfunding opportunities offer, such as niche retail centers, small medical offices or multi-family buildings. Also, REIT investors usually have very limited information on the investments that comprise the fund or trust as they are a blended portfolio of investments. Investors can also see their returns significantly diluted by various management, broker, and/or incentive fees when investing through REITs.

Through real estate crowdfunding, there is greater level of control and power available to investors, allowing them to make informed decisions to build their portfolios with global real estate property. Transparency is easier to deliver through crowdfunding platforms, and the choice in the type and geographic location of the investment is far greater to investors than it would be through REITs.

Once you join our network of investors, you’ll have access to a number of real estate investment opportunities that you can easily access through on online platform. Once you select an investment that meets your requirements, you will be able to complete the entire transaction online. You can also expect to receive support through the entire process from CFund Goal along the way.

Thanks to crowdfunding, investors are able to invest in affordable, tangible global real estate in economically sound countries. CFund Goal offers its investors direct ownership in real estate that has been carefully selected by best-of-breed partners in countries including the U.S., UK, South Africa and Australia. These investment opportunities are not correlated with traditional asset classes, allowing for greater portfolio diversification. We prefer to offer real estate opportunities that present something unique to our investors, focusing largely on commercial assets, industrial developments and larger residential opportunities.